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Paint.NET 4.0 Beta 2

Name:Paint.NET 4.0 Beta 2
Category:Photos and pictures
Paint.NET is an application for image and image processing.
Each user interface element is designed to be intuitive and fast with the ability to learn without help. To handle multiple images easily, Paint.NET uses document interface tabs. The section shows a live image image instead of a text description. This makes navigation very simple and fast.
Typically, only costly and complex professional programs that use imagery layers are encountered, and you can also use layers in Paint.NET.
Many special effects are included to enhance and refine your images. Everything from blurring, sharpening, red-eye, distortion, noise and relief are included. There is also a unique 3D Rotate / Zoom effect that makes it very easy to create perspective and tilting.
Corrections are also included to help you adjust the brightness of the images, contrast, color, saturation, curves, and levels. You can also convert an image into black and white or sepia tones.
Versions: Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | Windows XP64 | Windows Vista64 | Windows7 64 | Windows 8 | Windows8 64
Added to:25.02.2014


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