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Outpost Firewall

Outpost Firewall Free 6.51

Name:Outpost Firewall Free 6.51
Category:Firewalls and security
Outpost Firewall gives you the confidence that it will protect you from almost every danger of the Internet. Unlike other firewalls, Outpost starts protecting against all kinds of internal and external attacks as soon as you install it.
This is the first firewall with open architecture and plugin support, so its capabilities can easily be enhanced by thousands of developers around the world.
Main advantages: 
  • Basic Firewall Protection - a standard package and a filtering application to protect your computer from unwanted messages.
  • Link Monitoring - Allows you to see real-time network activity to help you determine which are the inappropriate links to close.
  • Browsing Security - Supports your personal data on the Internet and keeps the browser safe from internet.
Versions:Windows 2000 | Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7
Added to:19.01.2011
Last version:
Outpost Firewall Free 6.51

All version:
Outpost Firewall Free 6.51
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