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Seafile 6.2.9

Name:Seafile 6.2.9
Category:File transfer

Seafile organize files into libraries. Each library can be synced into any desktop computer, including Windows, Mac and Linux. User can also selectively sync any folder. Unsynced files can be accessed via a feature called “cloud file browser”. Seafile has a fantastic performance in file syncing. Tens of thousands of small files can be synced in a minute.

Some Features:

  • Mobile File Access
  • Seafile Drive client: a new nice way to work with your files
  • File Sharing and Permission Control
  • File Versioning and Snapshot
  • File locking
  • Online editing and co-authoring
  • Audit Log
  • Security and Encryption
  • User Management and Single Sign On
  • Backup and Data Recovery
Versions:Windows (all versions)
License:Commercial Trial
Added to:15.01.2019


Last version:
Seafile 6.2.9

All version:
Seafile 6.2.9
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