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phpMyAdmin 4.1.11

Name:phpMyAdmin 4.1.11
Category:Developer Tools
PhpMyAdmin is free PHP-written software designed to handle MySQL administration over the World Wide Web. PhpMyAdmin supports a wide range of MySQL operations. 
  • Support for most features in MySQL
  • Browse and drop databases, tables, views, fields, and indexes.
  • Create, copy, launch, rename and modify databases, tables, fields, and indexes.
  • Server support, databases and tables with server configuration suggestions.
  • Run, edit and boot any SQL statements, even batch-queries.
  • Managing MySQL Users and Privileges.
  • Manage stored procedures and triggers.
  • Import data from CSV and SQL.
  • Export of data to various formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO / IEC 26300 - OpenDocument text and spreadsheets, Word, Excel, LATEX and others.
Versions:Windows (all versions)
Added to:25.03.2014
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